Wouldn’t it be great to get more customers during your down time. Let us say, your restaurant is slow on a particular day, why not send your a text saying, Sweet deal today! 50% off any dessert this evening show coupon: DESSERT

1. Shoot for Spontaneity.

If it looks like it’s going to be a hot summer day outside, then text your loyal customers to come in and get a smoothie at half price.  Make this a deal that is only available in the afternoon.  Spontaneous marketing can be effective and fun.  It makes people want to stay on your text marketing list.

2. Birthday Greetings.

People love to celebrate birthdays (in groups), make sure the celebration is at your place instead of your competitors!  Send your customers an automated text message inviting them to come for a free dessert.

3. Send Special Invites to Your Customers.

Texting is a personal thing so it’s an excellent way to send out invites for special events!  Think of it like your own exclusive guest list.  This is extremely effective for events such as art shows, game nights, and performances.  Get Facebook fans, performers, and organizers involved.  Ask them to send out their own text messages, too.

4. Market Your Restaurant Website and Menu on Text Messages.

It is 2014, 80% of your customers have their cell phones with them all the time.  You can send them a text with a link to your website or online menu, maybe showcasing new items or seasonal items you are currently offering.

5. Loyalty program (Virtual Punch Card).

Reward your loyal customers with an enticing offer!  Our software takes punch cards virtual.  You do not have to worry about your customers forgetting their paper punch cards!  Plus, it is like having a sales person that never sleeps!  Our software will text customers to remind them they need to come back when they are close to getting something!

6. Reservation reminders.

Text customers to remind them of their reservations and/or when their table is ready.

7. Text to win.

Engage your customers when they are at your restaurant.  This will keep your customers involved and is a great way to grow your text marketing list.

8. Easier employee communication.

Keep your employees from missing important meetings!  For example: Hi everyone, just a quick reminder about tomorrow’s mandatory meeting at 3pm. See you then.

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