Text marketing is a great way for grocery stores to quickly build and keep customer loyalty!

Lets face it, your customers will not price shop as much when you are always making sure they know the best deals you have FIRST before anybody else!

1. Get rid of your overstock!

Lets say that you are overstock on your beef and you need to get rid of it to allow for the new stock that is coming in.  You can send your customers a text and let them know that about a special deal you are having on beef.  For example; Beef sale going on right now! Half Price! Hurry while stocks last!

2. It is a great way to build customer loyalty!

Customers will always be more loyal to the grocery store that gives them best deals and coupons!

3. Send customers coupons!

It is a great way to connect and reward your customers.  Send redeemable coupons to your customers!  For example; Get 5% off your order of $50 or more. Expires on this Sunday!

4. Text to win!

A great way to engage customers, you can have customers text to win something like a gift card.  It is a great way to engage your customers and also a way to make sure you are always on top of their mind!

5. Get your holiday message heard!

Let your customers know your holiday specials before visiting your store!  Most grocery stores always have holiday special.  Because text marketing is so effective it is a great way to let your customers know your holiday specials before your competitor does!

6. Text marketing is green!

Sending a promotional message through text messages is a great way to let your customers know that you care about the environment and it is much cheaper than printing coupons on paper!

7. Event reminder!

By texting your customers about events that you are having at your store, you will reach more customers and have more people at your event.  You will also be able to know how many people will attend so you can prepare accordingly.

8. Product recalls!

Text marketing is a great way to notify customers of products that have been recalled for various reasons.  Not only is this a way to show your dedication to the well being of your customers it is also a cheap and effective way to keep your customers in the know.

9. Local Produce!

Today more customers are more health conscious and want to eat what is local and what is in season.  Did you just a get some vegetables from a local farm?  Let your customers know by text!  For example; Hi, we just got it some locally grown tomatoes, be sure to stop by and get some before they are all gone!

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