1. Appointment reminders.

Salons can use text messaging as a way to remind customers their appointments.  Appointment reminders through text marketing reduce no shows by 80%!

2. Eliminate your slow days!

Having a slow week?  Send your contacts about a special offer at your salon such as “Get highlights this week and receive 20% of the service”.  Text marketing is instant and within no time you will have lots of customers coming your way.

3.  Quickly fill in your Lost/Cancelled Appointments!

Did your customer just call in and cancel an appointment?  Sending a text message can instantly fill that appointment!  For example you can send: It is your lucky day, we just had an appointment slot open today between 3 to 4pm. Call us right now and get 15% off for this appointment time!

4. Loyalty Program.

Our virtual punch card will increase customer loyalty at your salon.  For example; you can entice your customers by rewarding them with a free shampoo after 5 or 7 visits.  This will keep customers from shopping around and give you an edge over your competition.

5. Birthday Reminders.

Everyone loves to look good on their birthday!  Send your customers a happy birthday message with a special coupon a week before their birthday.  Not only will you make them feel special, you will make your business stand out from the rest!

6. Get inside your customers heads.

We know you are 100% dedicated to your customers and our poll/questionnaires feature will allow you to better know your customers and therefore serve them better.  For example; find out which services your customers like best by sending a poll “Do you prefer to get a massage or a facial?  Reply and get $10 off your next service!”

7. Coupons.

Send coupons to your customer base redeemable when they visit your place of business.  Mobile coupons are redeemed 10x more than traditional coupons because your customers always have their phone with them!

8. New Product and/or Service Alerts!

Let your customers know about your new services or products you are now offering.  For example you can text; We are now carrying organic nail polish and shampoo.  Come in and get a free sample!

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