1. Capture your leads efficiently and faster than your competition!

Mobile leads are 20 times more effective than online leads!  By incorporating texting in your listing, your advertising will be more effective.  When someone texts your keyword, they will get a text back with a link to see additional information and pictures on the listing!  More importantly, you will receive their phone information so you can call them and schedule a private showing for them!

2. Unlimited Q.R. Codes.

With our mobile marketing software, you will have access to have unlimited QR codes generated for your advertising to help you capture new customers for your listings!

3. Appointment Reminders.

Text appointments reduce no shows by 60%.  Text your clients reminders about private the showing you have scheduled with them.

4. Text to Win.

This is a great way to capture new leads for your real estate business.  For example during an open house, you can have all the potential home buyers text: dinner to 40691 to win a free dinner at a local restaurant.  This is a great way to break the ice, get home buyers engaged and most importantly capture  hot leads of people looking to buy homes!

5. Birthday Reminders.

A great way to keep in touch with your present and past customers and also to keep on top of your customers mind!

6. Text marketing provides instant dialogue with hot leads.

Text marketing allows you to instantly get the potential home buyers number and you are able to initiate a conversation with them right away keeping you miles ahead of your competition!

7. Full service and reliability.

Mobile Temptation is a full service text marketing that will work with you.  We will do all the text marketing for you and we also offer phone support!

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