Text Marketing for MLM and Networking Industry

Fact: Texting is the most popular form of communication in the world!

Text marketing is the most effective and fastest way for MLM and direct marketing companies to capture and keep their representatives and customers in the know.  With an open rate of 94% within 90 seconds, it is no wonder that text marketing is the fastest growing mobile trend in the direct marketing/mlm industry.  Unlike emails which have a open rate of almost 3 days, text messages are read instantly and have a sense of urgency.  Text marketing can easily expand your network of distributors and buying customers!

Here is a few ways that mlm/direct marketing companies can use text marketing:

1. Ability to automate messages!

With Mobile Temptation’s software, it allows you to automate text messages to be delivered at your chosen time frame.  For example, if someone just signed up as a distributor, you can have automated messages on each step to take to become successful.

2. Motivational messages!

Text messaging is a great way to motivate your downline!  It is a proven fact that distributors that are motivated by their upline make more money and prospect more!  Send them a motivational message several times a week to keep them motivated and prospecting.

3. Event and webinar reminders!

Do you want more people attending your webinar and meetings?  Sending a text message to your distributors is the best way to reach the largest amount of them instantly, because it is instant and everyone always has their cell phone!

4. Local meetings!

Is there a meeting in a local town?  You can send a text to all of the distributors in that town letting them know the time and place for the event!  You can also text them a reminder letting them know about the CALLS that are taking place in the company!

5. Easy to Send prospects to your website!

Because text messages are short and sweet, it is a great way to include a link to your website in a text where the prospects can find more information.

6. Can act as a selling assistant!

Do you have new marketing materials that your distributors need to buy to help grow their business?  You can send coupons to encourage them to try the marketing materials!  For example; Just in! New marketing planner for your success, 20% off today. hurry! visit NewMLM.com

7. Text to win contests!

Keep your downline engaged at conferences and webinars.  Have them text to win a prize.  It is also a great way to grow your contact list!

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