Text marketing can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your ministry!

1. Speak the language of the youth today!

Text marketing is a great way to connect with your youth.  Because most teenagers live on their cell phone, sending important information through a quick text message will be very effective!

2. Prayer requests!

You can use texting to send out prayer requests on a daily or weekly basis!

3. Inspire your congregation!

Send out a daily text inspiring your congregation and helping them get through their week is easy to do with our text marketing software!

4. Birthday reminders!

Send your congregation happy birthday wishes and encourage them with a special messages for their special day!

5. Alerts and emergencies!

Text marketing is a great way to instantly communicate letting them know of emergencies and alerts such as weather, event cancellation, and updates!

6. Church Updates!

Keep your congregation in the know about events and activities!  For example: Don’t forget about tomorrows bible study at 123 happy street. Thanks, pastor John.

7. Full service text marketing services!

We know you are busy with your congregation and helping them spiritually grow.   So you can just sit and relax because we will handle everything for you!

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