6 Ways a Small Business Can Use Text Marketing to Increase Their Revenue

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6 Ways a Small Business Can Use Text Marketing to Increase Their Revenue

Text marketing is an often under-appreciated and under-utilized form of marketing for small businesses, but it has great results when organizations decide to use it. With more than 95% of customers opening and reading marketing messages, it’s an ideal way to drive up customer interest and conversions. Compare the 95% number to less than 10% for e-mail open and read rates. It’s clear that text message marketing is the thing that your business is missing from its marketing plan. Let’s look at some ways that text marketing can drive up revenue for your business, and some reasons why it is so effective.

A writer for The New York Times, in a small business guide article, said that mobile marketing was the closest thing to a guaranteed lead in this overloaded digital world – where customers are inundated with marketing messages from all different sources and mediums. Mobile marketing sends text messages, and that is the single most effective way to get your verbal message in front of someone’s eyes. Most everyone is used to opening and reading every text message they get, because most of them are personal. It’s almost a shoe-in as far as getting your potential customers to turn off their ad blinders and pay attention to your marketing message.

Let’s look at six ways that a small business can use text marketing to their revenue.

Text message marketing improves member retention. Let’s look at a gym as an example of a small business industry that has used text messaging effectively.

1.The member retention benefit is clearly illustrated with gym memberships. Special promotions, discounts and incentives to bring in family and friends can also encourage the members who are already working out there to bring in new ones. Mass text message is an excellent way to improve member retention and engagement. Whether or not you own a gym, you can always run special discounts and promotions, and offer incentives. Your customers will love the great offers.

2.Text marketing drives traffic in instantly, and it is very cost-effective.

3.Text marketing can be handled by virtually anyone, and it doesn’t have to be an experienced marketing manager.

4.You can send out mobile coupons with text messages. You can send out important notifications directly through text messages, but if you send out those same promotions on Facebook, only about 12% of people will see the update to your newsfeed.

5.You can send out event reminders. Send out text messages the day before an event just to remind everyone. Remind them again about an hour before the event is going.

6.Send out bring a friend promotions through text messages. Customers are much more likely to bring a friend if they receive a text message because it puts them in the frame of mind to send out a text message to one of their friends right after they see the invite.

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