Are You Missing Out On All Of The Business Text Message Marketing Can Bring You?

You could be working smarter instead of harder!

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Of All Text Messages Are Read!
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8 reasons why Text Marketing will be the BEST thing to happen to your business!

Eliminate Slow Days!

Because 94% of all text messages sent to cell phones are opened within 90 seconds, so customers are able to instantly react to your offer!  Compared to only a 20% open rate of all emails!  Plus an average person checks their phone about 150 times per day!

Increase Revenue!

With our cutting edge loyalty program, you will quickly and easily establish a loyalty program that will keep your new and old customers coming back more often.  Our loyalty program will even send automated texts to customers who have not being in for a while!  It is like having a sales assistant that never sleeps and you do not have to pay a salary to.

You Will Crush Your Competition!

More than 50% of all mobile spending is local!  It instantly helps capture your local market share along with getting a leg up on your competitors!  It keeps your business in touch with your customers.  Our text program allows you to send happy birthday messages, holiday greetings, and appointment reminders to your customers!

Your Customers Want It!

The best part is that over 70% of customers actually said they want to get text messages from you!

Get The Inside Scoop!

You can use text marketing to do polls, perform surveys, and contests to keep your customer base engaged with the nice bonus of you getting the insights on how to better serve them to increase your profits!

It Plays Nice With Others!

Text marketing enhances your traditional and social advertising strategies!  Because integrating text marketing as a way to collect leads from your newspaper, radio, television, and social marketing is a smart way to get more from your marketing dollars.

Opens Your Business To A Huge Market!

Texters (people who use texting) are 5 times more than the amount of Facebook members and 4 times the number of monthly Google users!

The Numbers Do Not Lie!

Mobile coupons are 10 TIMES more likely to be redeemed than email, direct mail, and newspaper coupons!

We have an incredible marketing team dedicated to your success!

You do not have to lift a finger!  We know you are busy doing what you do best, running your business.  Our service is all inclusive and you absolutely do not have to do anything!  Our text coach can run the entire text campaign for you, and of course you will have full access to your hub panel as well.


Here are just a handful of the industries we help grow with text message marketing!  Click on the one that fits you to see what incredible features and how they can be implemented to be a game changer for your business!

Don’t see your industry above?  We’ve got you covered 🙂

We help some of the most successful businesses to grow their customer base and increase revenue.

Here’s what some of them have to say.

  • Our $6.99 pizza special that we sent out last week using the Mobile Temptation platform was redeemed by 174 people in 3 hours! Which was a 67% increase from our whole daily average amount! This is by far the best return on investment I have seen in the 12 years I have owned the restaurant!

    Brian Davis
    Brian Davis Pizza House

Check out just a few of the cool things we can do to keep more profits rolling in for your business!

Marketing With Mobile Coupons

Mobile Coupon Magic!

Create unique mobile coupons to send your customers to entice them to join your loyalty program and your mobile list.  Mobile Temptation makes it easy to blast texts to your customers from your tablet, laptop, or desktop.

How Cool!  A Tablet Based Kiosk For Your Virtual Punch Cards!

We can build a kiosk using any 8″ or larger tablet, so that your customers can opt in or get their virtual punch to your loyalty program while they wait to be seated or while they check out at the register.

  • Absolutely No Programming Skills Needed!
  • Compatible with both Android and Apple iOS
  • Proven to increase opt-in rate by 500%
  • Keeps customers from trying to cheat the reward system!
Kiosk Tablet Loyalty Program
Auto Responder Drip Feed Text Message Marketing

Text Messages Drip Feed Scheduler

You can schedule your text marketing to cater to your marketing needs.  If you are a restaurant owner, it is possible your clients might be more responsive at 3pm while they are making plans for dinner.   With our platform you can easily schedule your texts to go out at any specified day and time.  You are also able to test different times of the day to see the one that your customers respond to the best.

Super Easy Auto Responder Setup Built In Too!

Text to Win – Win!

Set up text to win contests with your mobile followers to keep you customers loyal and engaged.  This is a fantastic way to get customers signed up for your text marketing campain!

Text To Win Contest Mobile Marketing
Text Message Marketing Polls
SMS Marketing Questionnaires

Wish you knew what your customers wanted?  Now you can with SMS Polls and Questionnaires!

  • Find the actual truth about what they think of your products, customer service, & company so you can make it better ASAP!
  • Conduct and evaluate customer satisfaction surveys.
  • SMS Polls is a cheap & effective way to conduct surveys for new or existing products.

Get in on this whole text marketing thing now before you miss the boat!

Here’s why you’ll love us!

We understand that your are busy, so we got your back!

With the help of our Success Squad in your corner you won’t have to deal with all the hassle of trying to learn another software to help grow your business because we get it, you have enough stuff on your plate to work on.  So we can do all the heaving lifting for you, so you can get back to running your business!

There is a powerful engine behind you.

Set it and relax, Mobile Temptation handles all the hassles of text marketing.  The features built into our text message software are proven to increase your customer base and your revenue!

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